About ON SET ANd beyond

a craving for learning and teaching, a desire to make life easier.
I know from the inside out what it is to be in this industry, the mad hours, the grace period that comes too often & the breaking turnaround that makes that first cup of coffee so crucial, the passion you need to start & the grit you need to stay in it...


Hi, I’m Pascale Recher, a Film Hair & Make-up artist.

I have been 19 years in this industry, working in France and the UK.

I had to build my network twice and about to do it a 3rd time. When you know how to do it, it's not as scary as it sounds.
From low budget to blockbuster films, from corporate shoots to intimate portraits shots of writers or known actors, you can say my experience is wide.

You may also remember my previous tiny biz, The Neat Kit, when I introduced LeMaquillage palettes to the UK. No more make-up palettes but a renewed interest to make people's life easier.

I care about people, I enjoy all things tech and the Internet.
I want to be a bridge between you & tech, between you & a life that rhymes with ease & flow.

My "slight" addiction to learn made me learn HTML, CSS, WordPress sites, personal branding, online marketing, the basics of design and more. I started coding my site 19years ago because the friend who wanted to create my site was actually too busy to do it. She kindly gave me the course she was teaching so I could learn the basics and I got the geeky love from then. Now I learn to code like people do Sudoku, to relax and give my brain a workout.

I have been doing hair and make-up for nearly 20years and have learned what it means to be freelance along the way. 

If you were close to me on set or in a crowd you could have seen people coming regularly and asking questions as they knew I love putting my geeky Sherlock Holmes hat on.

Over the years, I have learned lots of tricks to get over my mindset blocks, my lack of confidence and my introvert nature
to have a better career and developed my own. You would be surprised how a little change in your mindset change a situation entirely. As my Mum says... Change one data point of a problem, you change the whole problem. Seeing the enthusiasm of colleagues with whom I shared some of these, I have decided to add them to the mix. ON SET AND BEYOND is the missing link you were looking for.

I’m passionate about removing friction in people’s lives and want to be a bridge between people and their tech.

As I am moving to Berlin and was keen to develop a location-independent income in case my Mum needs me back in Paris, using my geeky skills & experience to help people in the industry I know best was the logical choice.
Want say hello or ask questions? It's here.
Your calendar has to be looked after diligently,

Your email inbox is full of documents for this shoot and the next,

You need to keep networking, posting on social media, sending CV’s & invoices,
often all of it from your phone if you want to avoid launching your laptop once home.

Your cash flow has ebbs and flow that would make a surfer happy but not your bank manager.

It’s all stressful and exhausting.
But even if you’re an introvert, even if you’re a technophobe, you can embrace tech painlessly & make your life easier. I can prove it to you if you hang out around here long enough...
On set and beyond has taken on the mission to help cast & crew with the business and 360 degrees view of working in the film industry.
From CV to making your website or understanding social media, I can help gain time, get ease on what YOU have control.
Your mindset, your tools, the way you show up in life. All that helps build your career.

Through courses, either free on Youtube or in the Courses vault, you learn the how, and in my Facebook group, you learn the why and get to practice in a safe sandbox.

what we do

Bridging the gap between what you learned in school & what you need working in the film industry

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