[if you're a seasoned podcaster or guest, sorry some remarks will be known to you already. If you know the show, you can head directly to the booking form]



People working in the film industry, from trainees/runners to awards winners Head of departments, freelance as well as people working in production and post-production companies.


Make people understand & respect other departments' work, be inspired by people's achievements, learn industry etiquette and best practices, learn about great apps, tools, books that can help them in their career and day-to-day life.

I want to make people eager to take care of themselves, their career and this industry.

What my audience needs and what we could be talking about

Depending on your work, your personality, the things that resonate with you...  Just a few pointers there, I'm open to propositions.

(If you are a brand, I will guide the interview to show why it's useful to people in this industry. )

  • how you started in the industry
  • who you work with and how on a project
  • inspiring thoughts, tales of past failures and success,
  • how you overcame challenges in specific projects,
  • tips on how to make it in this industry,
  • tools you use for your work,
  • what you want people to STOP tell you that shows they don't know what your work is
  • a personal thought about the industry...
  • ... many other things

Ask me if you think of something else but have a doubt.

Remember, the podcast is audio only.

We can't rely on showing things too much so that people can get "it". I will put show notes on the blog though, so if you have infographics, images, links to your site/product/launch etc...
You are more than welcome to share these with me before we record so I can include them.
It's good to have easy to remember links (with bit.ly or pretty links).

The tone is relaxed and friendly. Uncomplicated. I tend to use metaphors, even weird or silly ones.

You are welcome to do the same. Be yourself. Have fun. My only concern is for them to listen, relax/have fun while learning and giving them a fresh look on the industry.

Practical details

  • The episodes are short, between 15 & 30mn, so the interview doesn't need to be long. Usually, 20mn to 40mn so that we can warm up, set things up with the technical sides of things.
  • You can be anywhere, we record the interview via the Internet. You only need an internet browser. no added complicated software. I use Zencastr or Zoom, or Skype. It's better to be in a quiet environment when we record. Using earphones and putting your phone on silent is also really helpful for a better sound.  
  • I will need you to send me
    • a picture (or logo if you feel shy) to put on the blog with the show notes,
    • a short bio,
    • where to find you online (the platform where you interact the most is preferred - optional ) and
    • let me know anything that you would like to share regarding your business. 
  • If you are a brand, you can create a special code/offer for the listeners, share with me before so I can tease them in my newsletter and get more traction for the podcast.
  • You can find a time that suits both of us via the booking form below. I'll send you a reminder the day before and 15mn before.
  • After the show, I'll send you the date of the broadcast, the link to the podcast & show notes and a few pre-written tweets/Fb post if you want to share on social media.

Looking forward to having you on the show. Have a great day.



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