Bridging the gap between what you learned in school and what you need working in the film industry


I have been teaching in groups and privately for years, make-up and tech, in between film work.
Either as group teachings in schools with courses like Airbrush make-up, Starting out in the film industry or WordPress (respectively at CBMA and ESCEN) as well as one-to-one, in person or online, it's something that I love.
BEcause it's a business, not a hobby.  BEcause it's also a lifestyle.
We tend to get in this industry by passion. We work on our craft.
We don't always put our business cap on and it quickly starts to hurt.
I was a shy awkward introvert lacking confidence for a long time when I came out of make-up school and that really weighed on my first efforts to get work. The lack of business know-how also put me in a pickle a few times.

I bet you can relate.
But as I was not ready to give up, I had to commit to stay and find a way to fix that.

I had to learn :
- how to do outreach,
- how to have a process in place to communicate better with clients,
- how to deal with ebbs and flow of cash,
- how to avoid being trouble on set,
- how to take care of my website and so many more techy things...
- how to handle myself through ups and down of the freelance life.
Now I want to share with you, from what I learned, my experiences, my mistakes and success.

How does it work?

95% of the time, the courses & masterclass are online.

Courses and Masterclasses. 

Masterclass are taught Live the first time. You can pop in and ask your questions in a clever chatbox and I answer during the Live.
Courses are hosted on a platform. They have videos, worksheets and cheatsheets to support you. There are no time limit for you to access and keep these. As long as On set and beyond exists, you have access. 
Attend from the comfort of your home or on the go
Phone, tablet or computer... it all works.
You get access to the replay if you miss the Masterclass Live
You can work on the courses at any time as they are self-paced
You get extra support or bonuses when you get on the Wrap-up email updates
on set and beyond courses
June 6, 2019
Start in the film industry Masterclass (UK specific)

How to start in the film industry as a trainee. I often get messages asking for tips on how to start in the industry, what to get for a kit […]

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upcoming courses
- Understand your Linkedin: how to fill your profile, how to share update and nurture your network
- Instagram basics
- Facebook: understanding privacy settings, share what you want, how you want it and Facebook won't let you share sometimes.
- Use Canva to create social media posts
- How to buy your domain name mini-course
- Website: what to do before hiring a webdesigner or doing it yourself
- Setting up your website on WordPress
- Using WordPress: create posts, page, and make regular back-up
- Dealing with clients and establishing terms and conditions
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