Branding on point: the end of website shame.

A good website

  • helps you connect to the right clients
  • builds the Know, Like, Trust factor
  • helps you look the part and show your expertise and personality
  • makes it easy for them to say "YES" to working with you

It's not as hard to make your website looks more polished and professional, and help you show yourself under the best lights.

Come join me online for this workshop.

Thursday 20th of February 2020 - £30

7pm London time. 2pm New-York. 11am Los Angeles.

In this laser-focus workshop, we look at

  • who you want to reach
  • what does your website says about you and your work and if it's in line with who you want to reach and what you want to convey
  • add some tech fairy dust so that Google loves your site a bit more
  • check that your site is safe and practical for you and your clients
  • little things that make your site looks better and help your clients book you faster.

This is a workshop with half marketing chat, half tech improvements.

You get access to the replay so if you have a last-minute job, you don't lose out if a job or an emergency pops up.

Book here


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Wrap me up Scotty
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