Working in film is exciting. It's exhausting. It can be boring "that's taking so much time" on set or "gosh I haven't managed to go for a wee the last 6hours" kind of fast-paced.

You love your work, you take what comes with it. The long hours, the meal eaten on set during continuous days.

The harder bit is not these hours, the time under the rain on set...

I know it, you know it... It's GETTING THE JOB and keeping your mood up in between.

Here's a course to help you with this.

The course is in pre-order, it will launch the 11th of July with the content being dripped every few days to let you do the work.

Early bird price for $38/33€/£30 before the 11th of July (expect the price to double after the launch for the version 2 and more later as the course is upgraded with students feedback)

BENEFITS for you:

  • you get the Early-bird price,
  • a live Q&A session at the start (July 11th) and 29th of July  (which people won't have all the time, I'll do the Q&A only a few times a year)
  • you get access to the upgrade that will happen once I get feedback about what's missing or not clear enough
  • if you are getting the wrap-up, my email updates before the 11th of July, you get extra attention from me via whatsapp text or email to make sure you work through the exercises (get on the list for details, announced early July)

This first version of the course will get you access to the lifetime of the course, including the upgrade it will have once I get feedback from you.

It's a self-paced course, with videos to watch, a workbook to print and exercises to do. Because nothing happens if you don't put a bit of you in it.

You can pay today with this link (for pounds). Please be mindful and change the amount if you pay in Dollars ($38) or in Euros (33€)

Pre-order below

by Paypal here
you can send me £30 via this link
& adding your EMAIL address for the course login details

What we will cover:

  • Knowing where you want to go in your business
    • Creating your compass to know what kind of outreach is best for you depending on your work goals
    • how to discover your strength
  • CV Do's and don't
    • make it easy to read
    • make it easy to organise and find for the person on the other side
    • Cover letter basics
  • Self-care and mindset for successful outreach
    • create your own user manual to face high and lows of job search and connect with more confidence
    • how to keep your eyes on the goal
  • and more...


Get the wrap-up, our email updates to get motivation, inspiration, useful apps and tips curated and created for you, as well as VIP offers and early bird prices.

Wrap me up Scotty
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