How to start in the film industry as a trainee.

I often get messages asking for tips on how to start in the industry, what to get for a kit when you're a trainee and how to read a call sheet. It is quite scary to start and go out in the film world after make-up school.

This course is a way to make it easier for anyone in this situation. It's online, accessible from anywhere as long as you have an Internet access.

Self-paced course + Q&A Live on the 10th of March 2020, 8pm London time.

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On the 10th of March, there's a follow-up Q&A where you can ask questions Live. It's super easy to join in, even for people who don't like tech.

There are worksheets to help you work through the exercises & keep you on track day-to-day.

You get free upgrades to the course and access to the quarterly Q&A.

The course is being always reworked and upgraded.
Once you have paid, you will get an email within 48hours with the login information for the course and a few days before the Q&A, the link to join us for the call.
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Ideal for make-up trainees and people who are just out of school to learn all the basics and make a more confident and prepared entry into the industry. ?

The course covers:

  • how to approach sending your CV
  • what kind of kit you need to start with
  • how to be ready for a job offer
  • understanding a call sheet
  • basic job etiquette and survival tips to keep in mind to avoid getting in trouble
  • basic social media etiquette to avoid getting in trouble at work

This self-paced course has been made out a Live Masterclass filmed in June 2019. It's now edited and sliced up in easy to digest and refer back to by chapters.

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Original Masterclass students feedback

Past offline students feedback

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A bit of background if you don't know me.

Years ago, before even moving to London, I have been invited once to be part of a panel at IMATS to answer make-up students their question about starting in film. I was out of Make-up school for a few years and my "right-out-of-the-trenches" experience was appealing in the mix of panelists.

Since I also have been teaching this in school and via private mentoring, with people approaching me via social media.

It feels like the logical thing to start there. It will be most beneficial for make-up trainees but similar departments will find gems as well. I will speak mostly about the UK as it’s my experience.

Back to the IMATS...

You could feel the excitement and fears all tangled up in the audience eyes.

Being that close to start your dream career is exhilarating but when the rubber hits the road, it's a big scary world that opens: FREELANCING. All of a sudden, you feel tiny, at the beginning of a long long road.

But it doesn't need to be.

A bit of guidance is all you need to start your career better prepared, with more confidence and more focus on what matters. Knowledge is power and often helps you save money.


Ask to receive the Wrap-up below, that's the weekly email where all early bird prices are given, along with content created and curated for you: tips, good reads plus content.


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