Resources for cast and crew

Here is a list of useful tools I either use, have used or know they are a lifesaver for freelancers.

[DISCLAIMER: Some of these links are affiliates links [a * is before their name], which means I may get a reward if you join, at no extra cost to you. Your trust is important to me and I only put here things I know are useful and valuable, that I am using or have used myself.]



Regular Livestreams and training there. It's a cozy place to be, ask questions, learn about the industry.


Moo mini card image

Always my go-to for business cards. I always get great feedback on my mini Moo cards for my hair and make-up work. I have picked 4 pics so people can actually pick the one they prefer.  Always a conversation starter...

You get 25% off your first order with this link: *Moo


For anyone anywhere in the World

*YNAB - You need a Budget

YNAB irregular income imageClever budgeting tool that helps you navigate the ebb and flow of irregular paychecks and freelancer life.  Follow their 4 rules, get saving, gives yourself freedom and peace of mind.

PS: if you don't like the idea of a budget...

Just realize spending is budgeting blindly, without intention and budgeting is spending with intention.

You're the one deciding instead of being a victim of spur of the moment spending. Been using YNAB for years and it does help a lot. it won't make money appear obviously but it will help you spread out your money so that you can be stress-free when work is more scarce.


TransferwiseHandy for people who travel a lot, work on location or need to be paid by foreign clients.

Their costs are cheaper than most banks and they even do now a prepaid card, options for personal or business accounts.

(This is an affiliate link, if you give them a try I will get a £50 thank you without costing you anything. You actually get a first free transfer. If that is annoying you, please google them instead, they are really worth checking anyway.)

Get paid or send money abroad more easily and avoid extra fees. Really handy to pay things abroad as well as fees are smaller than the high street banks usually.


Coinbase image

For the brave and innovators who want to get into cryptocurrency, Coinbase is a great wallet. Safe, rather simple to set-up. There are all sorts of wallet out there and many aren't reliable enough or require to be highly techy. *

Coinbase is a much better starter wallet. We get an extra 8.94€ once you buy/sell 89.4€ worth of crypto via your wallet.

For UK peeps


Fairfx imageA great tool for people who regularly need to send or receive money. You can have a business or a personal account, connect your card to another for holiday budget with friends or family for example.

It's the tool for productions who need to organize a lot of per diems and costs abroad. You get an Expense Platform, an integrated online platform that allows you to manage your balance, reports and more. Clever tool.

*Just park 

Justpark image

Perfect when you work on a smaller production that doesn't organize parking or a little trip to Central London). Really handy with the app, you can easily find a parking place, either in actual parking (but cheaper than paying directly the parking company there) or a private driveway. [Get £5 off your first booking, I get that too]



Painless domain management. A really true tagline. Easy to use and great customer service. Lots of services connections are semi-automated so you can connect things with a click.



A good hosting provider. Reliable and cost effective.


Hosting with great customer service and provided via renewable energy. Great for Environment conscious people.

Youtube marketing

*Tube Buddy

It is a clever little Chrome extension that helps you get much more from your Youtube effort. Better settings, access to analytics and much much more. You can't try to use Youtube for business and not use it.



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