On Set and Beyond manifesto.

I can't separate my business from my core values as a person.
I thought I'd shared so you can see a bit more who I am.

Core values

"Do no harm but take no shit" round clothes label from Tender Ghost

Gem of a sticker by @tenderghost

  • My compass to act in life is being kind, useful without taking any sh*t. (A friend offered me this sticker, how perfect is it for me! <3 ). Being kind doesn't mean you have no boundaries or should accept everything and anything.
  • Fairness and equality are for me non-negotiables as is inclusivity. My business welcomes everybody regardless of age, sex identity, sexuality, skin color or religion. I support LGBTQ+ rights and I am working at understanding racism and white privilege.
  • You are the main asset of your business. This is two-fold: you are a unique cocktail of skills and personality, this is your Unique Selling Point, (=what will make someone hires you). You are also the main "tool" of your business so taking care of your health, both mental and physical, is a really clever investment. If you can't go to work, you can't earn money. Simple.
  • Never judge someone situation. Life is hard and you never know what battle they fought or are fighting. Respect everybody's pain.
  • Many things can feel obvious, but just because "it goes without saying" doesn't mean they shouldn't be said. Obvious for me or you, doesn't mean obvious for everyone. Biggest example: Consent.
  • Hate speech is an absolute no and one of the few things that will get you out of my life entirely.
  • Not all projects are good for everyone, not getting a certain job doesn't make you less valuable,
  • Everything you are and everything you know makes you unique and will make clients connect with you

True for me

  • I'm an advocate of self-care in business, a lover of routines, apps and things helping the medicine go down.
  • I refuse to think people can't master techy stuff.
  • You CAN tackle serious problems while laughing and being silly.
  • Learning is crucial in my life. I can sacrifice lots of things but not the opportunity to learn. One of the reasons I absolutely love the Internet.
  • I love diving in tech problems and learning. That tickles my brain and makes me feel alive.
  • I love brainstormingsolving problems, looking for solutions. It's exciting. Like being Sherlock Holmes. Without the pipe. I don't smoke. I'm resilient and learned how to bounce back, find work-around problems. I remind myself to keep that state of mind every day.
  • I'm not afraid of being silly with quirky comparisons to people understand what they need to do.
  • I believe hugs are often the best medicine.


In my home, here in the comments and on social media,

  • everybody is welcome regardless of age, sex identity, sexuality, skin color or religion,
  • we read with attention and open mind,
  • we understand that not everybody has the same thinking, logic, values, ways of being stuck or communicating,
  • we try to understand someone's point before defending ourselves. Even if you are sure you are right, understanding how or why someone's in pain is a gift that will expand your understanding of the World.
  • we believe in helping each other, we like to share and support the community,
  • we respect our pains and emotions,
  • we don't judge others or ourselves,
  • we accept that where we're at is where we should be, on a journey.


I have often been thanked for being so keen to share but from my point of view, we all win when we share.

Don't you want to work in an industry where people communicate better, get paid faster, know other departments work?

I found that keeping your knowledge to yourself doesn't help you or the industry in the long run. If everyone applies best practice, we all level up, clients expect better services and are easier to convince of the value of what you offer.

It's also often a world where we have to work as a team so yesterday's competition can be your colleagues tomorrow, your colleagues can be your boss tomorrow... It's all fluid. and not everyone is right for every job. I do believe the right job find the right person if you market yourself right.

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